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Partners In Equity Program

Our partner shop equity program exists to advocate for car repair shops to become more inclusive (for both employees AND customers).

Through this program, we connect to other auto repair shops and provide education to expand apprenticeship opportunities and more inclusive and safe work environments. Through this work, we are creating a network of inclusive automotive repair shops that are invested in bringing women, LGBTQIA +, and BIPOC individuals into the automotive trade. This will increase apprenticeship capacity and workforce development protocols on a larger scale. Such environments are also key to keeping technicians in the industry after they have been trained. We provide DEIA training and suggested policies to other independent shops so that underrepresented students will be ensured safe and welcoming workplaces that celebrate them and foster their learning. 

Through this program, we combine workplace training with ongoing support to ensure participating shops uphold the culture of a welcoming and affirming workspace that is able to retain and grow a diverse workforce. We hope to sustain this service to the industry through a monthly membership cost to participating shops and industry sponsorship from strategic partners in the automotive space such as tool and parts vendors who all have a stake in the success of the industry.