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Our Auto Repair Financial Assistance Fund exists to help low-income individuals pay for critical car repairs.

A reliable and safe vehicle is vital for maintaining one's livelihood, accessing medical appointments, and much more. This program prioritizes our BIPOC, Women, LGBTQIA+ houseless community members.

Many low-income people are forced to live further away from their workplaces and essential services due to the high cost of living in major metropolitan areas. Consequently, this leads to longer commutes and limited public transportation options, thereby increasing the need for safe and dependable transportation. Our unhoused population is also at an all-time high, forcing many people to live in their vehicles. 

This program serves low-income individuals who are referred to us through community partner organizations. In addition to low-cost automotive services, this program provides education and advocacy to ensure economically disadvantaged individuals will not be taken advantage of in the automotive repair setting. Each client receives a comprehensive vehicle inspection in which we identify a list of repair and maintenance priorities and create a customized maintenance plan so they can make informed decisions about their vehicle and budget for future needs. We also educate clients around a preventative maintenance approach to car care to prevent expensive repairs down the road.